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# -*- coding: utf-8; mode: tcl; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- vim:fenc=utf-8:ft=tcl:et:sw=4:ts=4:sts=4
PortSystem 1.0
PortGroup select 1.0
name ruby20
version 2.0.0-p648
revision 4
categories lang ruby
maintainers {kimuraw @kimuraw} openmaintainer
platforms darwin
description Powerful and clean object-oriented scripting language
long_description Ruby is the interpreted scripting language for quick \
and easy object-oriented programming. It has many \
features to process text files and to do system \
management tasks (as in Perl). It is simple, \
straight-forward, extensible, and portable.
license {Ruby BSD}
master_sites ruby:2.0
use_bzip2 yes
distname ruby-${version}
checksums md5 3544031334f4665aa2eb1414babc9345 \
rmd160 3b6fd5d89e6e53fb71f512f44b710148698a6e29 \
sha1 504be2eae6cdfe93aa7ed02ec55e35043d067ad5 \
sha256 087ad4dec748cfe665c856dbfbabdee5520268e94bb81a1d8565d76c3cc62166
use_parallel_build no
depends_lib port:readline \
path:lib/libssl.dylib:openssl \
port:zlib \
port:ncurses \
port:libyaml \
port:libffi \
depends_run port:ruby_select
depends_build port:pkgconfig
depends_skip_archcheck pkgconfig ruby
select.file ${filespath}/ruby20
configure.args --enable-shared \
--disable-install-doc \
--mandir="${prefix}/share/man" \
--enable-pthread \
--without-tk \
--with-opt-dir="${prefix}" \
--program-suffix=2.0 \
# Ignore minor version for archdir, like i686-darwin9.
# Port "ruby" and "ruby19" does the same.
configure.env-append UNAME_RELEASE=${os.major}
# ext/tk/extconf.rb: fix build error with tk variant
patchfiles patch-ext-tk-extconf.rb.diff
# Add the architecture flag as required
if {[info exists build_arch] && ${build_arch} ne ""} {
configure.args-append "--with-arch=${build_arch}"
post-destroot {
foreach type {site vendor} {
set libdir ${destroot}${prefix}/lib/ruby2.0/${type}_ruby/2.0.0
xinstall -m 0755 -d ${libdir}
foreach subdir [exec find ${libdir} -type d -empty] {
destroot.keepdirs-append ${subdir}
# install destination of commands from port:rb-*
xinstall -m 0755 -d ${destroot}${prefix}/libexec/ruby2.0
destroot.keepdirs-append ${destroot}${prefix}/libexec/ruby2.0
variant doc description "Install rdoc indexes and C API documents" {
configure.args-delete --disable-install-doc
variant tk conflicts mactk description "Build using MacPorts Tk" {
configure.args-delete --without-tk
configure.args-append --with-tk --disable-tcltk-framework
depends_lib-append port:tcl \
variant mactk conflicts tk description "Build using Mac OS X Tk Framework" {
configure.args-delete --without-tk
configure.args-append --enable-tcltk-framework
variant universal {
# use ruby built-in universal mechanism.
configure.args-append --with-arch=[join ${universal_archs} ,]
# clear macports' universal flags
variant relative description "Enable relative loading of libraries to allow for relocation of binaries." {
#enable relative loading
configure.args-append --enable-load-relative