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PortSystem 1.0
name ocaml-pxp
version 1.2.4
revision 3
categories ocaml devel textproc
maintainers nomaintainer
platforms darwin
license BSD
description Polymorphic XML Parser for OCaml
long_description \
PXP is an XML parser for OCaml. It represents the parsed document either \
as tree or as stream of events. In tree mode, it is possible to validate \
the XML document against a DTD. The acronym PXP means Polymorphic XML \
Parser. This name reflects the ability to create XML trees with \
polymorphic type parameters.
distname pxp-${version}
checksums rmd160 2dfc46c161ee66a633a299476fcf0867ea41eb49 \
sha256 1cd3e946f19d800f412475adf56e6da87231f80be22d7ea71dd4eabf93876355
depends_lib port:ocaml \
port:ocaml-findlib \
configure.args -with-lex
use_parallel_build no all opt
pre-destroot {
set ocaml_site_path [exec ocamlfind printconf destdir]
foreach file {gensrc/pxp-lex-iso88591/Makefile gensrc/pxp-lex-iso885910/Makefile \
gensrc/pxp-lex-iso885913/Makefile gensrc/pxp-lex-iso885914/Makefile gensrc/pxp-lex-iso885915/Makefile \
gensrc/pxp-lex-iso885916/Makefile gensrc/pxp-lex-iso88592/Makefile gensrc/pxp-lex-iso88593/Makefile \
gensrc/pxp-lex-iso88594/Makefile gensrc/pxp-lex-iso88595/Makefile gensrc/pxp-lex-iso88596/Makefile \
gensrc/pxp-lex-iso88597/Makefile gensrc/pxp-lex-iso88598/Makefile gensrc/pxp-lex-iso88599/Makefile \
gensrc/pxp-lex-utf8/Makefile gensrc/pxp-ulex-utf8/Makefile gensrc/pxp-wlex/Makefile \
gensrc/pxp-wlex-utf8/Makefile src/pxp/Makefile src/pxp-engine/Makefile src/pxp-pp/Makefile} {
reinplace "s|\$(OCAMLFIND) install|\$(OCAMLFIND) install -destdir ${destroot}/${ocaml_site_path}|g" "${worksrcpath}/${file}"
xinstall -m 755 -d ${destroot}${ocaml_site_path}
livecheck.type regex
livecheck.url ${homepage}
livecheck.regex pxp-(\[0-9.\]+)${extract.suffix}
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