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PortSystem 1.0
name a2ps
version 4.14
categories print
maintainers nomaintainer
description an Any to PostScript filter.
long_description a2ps is a utilty that allows the user to do \
PostScript manipulations. It is able to pass on \
processing to other filters, such as gzip and dvips.
platforms darwin
license GPL-3+
master_sites gnu
checksums md5 781ac3d9b213fa3e1ed0d79f986dc8c7 \
sha1 365abbbe4b7128bf70dad16d06e23c5701874852 \
rmd160 a5105d6256a809483e099519325979aaaff7219e
depends_build bin:psnup:psutils
patchfiles patch-lib__xstrrpl.c
pre-configure { reinplace "s|/usr/local|${prefix}|" ${worksrcpath}/configure }
configure.args --with-medium=Letter \
--mandir='\${prefix}/share/man' \