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PortSystem 1.0
PortGroup python 1.0
name py-pgsql
version 2.5.1
revision 3
categories-append databases
license Permissive
platforms darwin
maintainers { @danielluke} openmaintainer
description python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to postgresql
long_description pyPgSQL is a package of two modules that provide a \
Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to PostgreSQL \
databases. The first module, libpq, exports the \
PostgreSQL C API to Python. This module is written in \
C and can be compiled into Python or can be \
dynamically loaded on demand. The second module, \
PgSQL, provides the DB-API 2.0 compliant interface and \
support for various PostgreSQL data types, such as \
master_sites sourceforge:pypgsql
distname pyPgSQL-${version}
checksums sha1 ae286d2b0b0e6896223430887dd244e9eeef705b
python.versions 27
if {${name} ne ${subport}} {
depends_lib-append port:py${python.version}-mx-base
post-destroot {
xinstall -m 644 -W ${worksrcpath} Announce ChangeLog README \
README.html ${destroot}${prefix}/share/doc/${subport}
xinstall -m 644 -W ${worksrcpath}/examples \ \
variant postgresql82 conflicts postgresql83 postgresql84 postgresql90 description {Use with PostgreSQL 8.2} {
depends_lib-append port:postgresql82
build.env PATH=${prefix}/lib/postgresql82/bin:$env(PATH)
destroot.env [option build.env]
variant postgresql83 conflicts postgresql82 postgresql84 postgresql90 description {Use with PostgreSQL 8.3} {
depends_lib-append port:postgresql83
build.env PATH=${prefix}/lib/postgresql83/bin:$env(PATH)
destroot.env [option build.env]
variant postgresql84 conflicts postgresql82 postgresql83 postgresql90 description {Use with PostgreSQL 8.4} {
depends_lib-append port:postgresql84
build.env PATH=${prefix}/lib/postgresql84/bin:$env(PATH)
destroot.env [option build.env]
variant postgresql90 conflicts postgresql82 postgresql83 postgresql84 description {Use with PostgreSQL 9.0} {
depends_lib-append port:postgresql90
build.env PATH=${prefix}/lib/postgresql90/bin:$env(PATH)
destroot.env [option build.env]
if {![variant_isset postgresql82] && ![variant_isset postgresql83] && ![variant_isset postgresql90]} {
default_variants +postgresql84
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