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# -*- coding: utf-8; mode: tcl; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- vim:fenc=utf-8:ft=tcl:et:sw=4:ts=4:sts=4
PortSystem 1.0
PortGroup python 1.0
set _name PrettyTable
set _n [string index ${_name} 0]
name py-prettytable
version 0.7.2
platforms darwin
supported_archs noarch
license BSD
maintainers {petr @petrrr} openmaintainer
description A simple Python library for easily displaying tabular \
data in a visually appealing ASCII table format.
long_description PrettyTable is a simple Python library designed to make \
it quick and easy to represent tabular data in visually \
appealing ASCII tables. It was inspired by the ASCII \
tables used in the PostgreSQL shell psql. PrettyTable \
allows for selection of which columns are to be printed, \
independent alignment of columns (left or right justified \
or centred) and printing of "sub-tables" by specifying a \
row range.
categories-append textproc
master_sites pypi:${_n}/${_name}/
distname prettytable-${version}
checksums rmd160 af187cbcf1139866bc67b1bc8cb5c3187726b41f \
sha256 2d5460dc9db74a32bcc8f9f67de68b2c4f4d2f01fa3bd518764c69156d9cacd9 \
size 24784
python.versions 27 34 35 36 37
if {$subport ne $name} {
depends_build port:py${python.version}-setuptools
# fix wrong file permissions of the distfile
post-extract {
fs-traverse f ${worksrcpath} {
file attributes ${f} -permissions a+r
# add documentation
post-destroot {
set dest_doc ${destroot}${prefix}/share/doc/${subport}
xinstall -d ${dest_doc}
xinstall -m 755 -W ${worksrcpath} \
livecheck.type none
} else {
livecheck.type regex
livecheck.regex "\"prettytable-(\[.\\d\]+)\\${extract.suffix}\""
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