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PortSystem 1.0
PortGroup ruby 1.0
ruby.setup div 1.3.2 basic_install.rb { doc sample }
maintainers {kimuraw @kimuraw} openmaintainer
platforms darwin
description Div can write Web application like GUI programming. This \
package provides Div::Div and Tofu.
long_description This package provides Div::Div and Tofu. \
Div abstracts Web Application like GUI programming. \
Tofu is a session manager using cookie. Tofu can be used with \
WEBrick. (Of course, it can use also with CGI.)
checksums md5 f68491c21642ab0cfb06eaf5ab6b0700 \
rmd160 60c8fcc6675feaf93546f091adc64c103a8ea006 \
sha1 22b4517c5101f522b0b801be80220da42423a94a