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PortSystem 1.0
PortGroup ruby 1.0
ruby.setup gettext 2.3.9 gem {} rubygems
revision 0
maintainers {kimuraw @kimuraw} openmaintainer
description a Localization library and tools which modeled GNU gettext.
long_description This library provides to translate original messages to \
localized messages properly using client-side locale \
information(environment variable or CGI variable).\
And the tools for developers support to create, use, and \
modify localized message files(message catalogs) easily.
categories-append devel
depends_run-append port:rb-locale
license Ruby
checksums md5 0e4d5216d4d73ffed15c15ac1b686d61 \
sha1 b30db6ef766234275aff24d714158fe6608fd2b7 \
rmd160 cd4198a7c11de78eb0b03d86454169eea600be4b
platforms darwin
post-destroot {
reinplace "s|^#!.*ruby|#!${ruby.bin}|" ${destroot}${ruby.bindir}/rxgettext
reinplace "s|^#!.*ruby|#!${ruby.bin}|" ${destroot}${ruby.bindir}/rmsginit
reinplace "s|^#!.*ruby|#!${ruby.bin}|" ${destroot}${ruby.bindir}/rmsgfmt
reinplace "s|^#!.*ruby|#!${ruby.bin}|" ${destroot}${ruby.bindir}/rmsgmerge