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PortSystem 1.0
PortGroup ruby 1.0
ruby.setup rails 3.0.5 gem {} rubygems ruby19
revision 1
license MIT
categories-append www devel
platforms darwin
maintainers nomaintainer
description Ruby web-application framework for the MVC pattern.
long_description \
Rails is a web-application framework for the MVC pattern that includes \
a template engine, controller framework, and object-relational mapping \
package. Everything needed to develop web-apps that can run on CGI, \
FastCGI, and mod_ruby.
checksums md5 9a3f7fa81351c91b6514731fae0072cc \
sha1 32322bf9952d76c5fa0054c8533c0c58609f40aa \
rmd160 391b749d4a516a6e8bd8a99a5c693b87f59f7e5e
depends_run-append port:rb19-activeresource \
port:rb19-actionmailer \
port:rb19-actionpack \
port:rb19-activerecord \
port:rb19-activesupport \
port:rb19-bundler \
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