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# -*- coding: utf-8; mode: tcl; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- vim:fenc=utf-8:ft=tcl:et:sw=4:ts=4:sts=4
PortSystem 1.0
PortGroup xcodeversion 1.0
PortGroup compilers 1.0
# Miriad releases are very infrequent, so our ports will be based on
# distributions made from CVS snapshots. We add a sub-version number
# based on the snapshot date to distinguish things.
name miriad
conflicts pgplot
set relver 4.3.8
set tardate 20160322
version ${relver}.${tardate}
revision 1
platforms darwin
categories science
maintainers openmaintainer
description MIRIAD, an analysis package for radio astronomical data
long_description MIRIAD, the Multichannel Imaging, Reconstruction, Analysis, \
and Display package, is a suite of tools for analyzing radio \
astronomical observations, from raw data to imaging.
# Based on the DISCLAIMER shipped with ATNF miriad:
license GPL-2+
# Files
master_sites ${homepage}
checksums rmd160 f715f3b7afae75c8707733c23d023ce0566a51de \
sha256 dadb1df981a4d636e82cdda3bb5bfe1caa7c733e7f997ea0fd5e769b93a10eb9
# Telescope/buffer size selection.
variant ant256 conflicts ata carma sma wsrt description {use buffer sizes appropriate for a 256-antenna array} {}
variant ata conflicts ant256 carma sma wsrt description {use buffer sizes appropriate to ATA data} {}
variant carma conflicts ant256 ata sma wsrt description {use buffer sizes appropriate to CARMA data} {}
variant sma conflicts ant256 ata carma wsrt description {use buffer sizes appropriate to SMA data} {}
variant wsrt conflicts ant256 ata carma sma description {use buffer sizes appropriate to WSRT data} {}
if {[variant_isset ant256]} {
set thescope big1
} elseif {[variant_isset ata]} {
set thescope ata
} elseif {[variant_isset wsrt]} {
set thescope wsrt
} elseif {[variant_isset sma]} {
set thescope sma
} else {
set thescope carma
default_variants +carma
# We need Fortran support, which the Apple version of GCC doesn't offer.
# So we force the use of a specified MacPorts-built GCC. Some users want
# to build with better-optimizing proprietary compilers, which we allow
# via the gcc_select mechanism.
compilers.choose fc f77
compilers.set_variants_conflict gcc_select
variant gcc_select conflicts ${compilers.variants} description {Build with compilers chosen via gcc_select -- experts only} {
configure.compiler macports-gcc
if {![fortran_variant_isset] && ![variant_isset gcc_select]} {
default_variants-append +${compilers.gcc_default}
universal_variant no
depends_lib-append port:libpng \
port:readline \
port:xorg-libice \
port:xorg-libsm \
port:xorg-libX11 \
port:xorg-libXau \
port:xorg-libXaw \
port:xorg-libXdmcp \
# The Xcode 3.0 linker has a bug that prevents successful execution of
# Miriad tasks.
minimum_xcodeversions {9 3.1}
# We've hacked in the tarball date into the version number, so
# we tell the build system what directory the files in the
# tarball actually live in.
worksrcdir ${name}-${relver}
# Patch to print out debugging information in case the mmAlloc bug persists
patchfiles patch-src-subs-mm.f2c.diff
# Configure settings. Keep the binaries out of ${prefix}/bin to avoid
# possible conflicts. The automiriad scripts will deal with this correctly.
configure.args --bindir=${prefix}/libexec/miriad \
--with-telescope=${thescope} \
# The telescope configuration is important, so make sure the user is
# told which setup is being used.
pre-configure {
ui_msg "Configuring MIRIAD with telescope parameter of \"${thescope}\"."
ui_msg "Consult the port variants to use a different setting. If there's"
ui_msg "no variant for your desired telescope, contact the port maintainer"
ui_msg "and one will be quickly added."
# Little helpful message. We could consider adding a patch to install
# a little program named "use_miriad" or something that would do the
# .profile munging automatically, but I don't want to worry about having
# to get that right.
notes "
MIRIAD programs are not in your \$PATH by default. Type 'source\
${prefix}/lib/miriad/' in your shell to set it up to use\
MIRIAD. If you use csh or tcsh, 'source ${prefix}/lib/miriad/automiriad.csh'\
instead. The 'source' keyword is important! You can put this command in\
your .profile or other shell initialization files to make this setup automatic.
# Miscellaneous variants.
variant debug description {Build with debugging support -- tasks will be very slow} {
configure.optflags -g -O0
configure.args-append --enable-warnings