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# -*- coding: utf-8; mode: tcl; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- vim:fenc=utf-8:ft=tcl:et:sw=4:ts=4:sts=4
PortSystem 1.0
name mod_jk
version 1.2.40
categories www java
license Apache-2 BSD
platforms darwin
description Apache mod_jk remote server connector
long_description mod_jk is the connector supported by apache for communication between \
the apache server and tomcat. mod_jk2, which had for some time superceeded mod_jk, \
has now become officially 'unsupported' by the Apache group. \
mod_jk allows apache to be used refer some request for processing by tomcat or any \
other server that also supports the ajp13 protocol. \
Apache 2.1 will contain a replacement for mod_jk(2) called mod_proxy_ajp. \
At this time (this) mod_jk port supports only apache2, not apache 1.x.
distname tomcat-connectors-${version}-src
master_sites apache:tomcat/tomcat-connectors/jk
checksums rmd160 7e5f8d48405239076b9ce0dc21978369e36fcd7a \
sha256 895e347c4dff74049a848603fb29958e6cf429ea0fc708d514b3a8958236705d
depends_build path:apache2/bin/httpd:apache2
worksrcdir ${distname}/native
configure.args --with-apxs=${prefix}/apache2/bin/apxs
set apachedir apache2
if {[variant_isset universal]} {
patchfiles-append configure_universal.patch
post-configure {
system -W ${worksrcpath}/common "ed - ./portable.h < ${filespath}/common_portable.h.ed && touch ./stamp-h1"
destroot {
# Install the connector for apache2
xinstall -m 755 -d \
${destroot}${prefix}/${apachedir}/modules \
xinstall -m 644 \
${worksrcpath}/apache-2.0/ \
xinstall -m 644 ${worksrcpath}/../conf/ \
notes "\
Example file ${prefix}/${apachedir}/conf/ has been\
installed to illustrate the use of the jk connector between apache2 and\
You will want to create a working copy of this file as and\
configure the URI mappings within it, or by using directives within httpd.conf.
Be sure to also add the following line to your httpd.conf:
LoadModule jk_module modules/"
variant apache20 description "install for apache 2.0.x" {
global apachedir
set apachedir apache20
depends_build-delete path:apache2/bin/httpd:apache2
depends_build-append path:apache20/bin/httpd:apache20
configure.args-delete --with-apxs=${prefix}/apache2/bin/apxs
configure.args-append --with-apxs=${prefix}/apache20/bin/apxs
livecheck.type regex
livecheck.regex "tomcat-connectors-(\\d+\\.\\d+(\\.\\d+)?)-src.tar.gz"