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Update to bitcoin-0.9.0.

Port now builds from git source avoiding large Linux binary
distribution download.

The qt client is now installed as `bitcoin-qt' as the packaging for
the OS X app seems to be buried in the release process.  As such, the
dependency on the qmake PortGroup has also been removed.

git-svn-id: d073be05-634f-4543-b044-5fe20cf6d1d6
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easye committed Mar 23, 2014
1 parent ef43c85 commit 262db8304d6c25afc374ad1b4ce7ba3f8f1650c0
Showing with 13 additions and 36 deletions.
  1. +13 −36 finance/bitcoin/Portfile
@@ -4,70 +4,47 @@
PortSystem 1.0
name bitcoin
categories finance crypto
version 0.8.6
version 0.9.0
platforms darwin
license MIT
maintainers easieste openmaintainer
maintainers easieste openmaintainer
description client user interface for a peer-to-peer digital currency
long_description Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency. By peer-to-peer, \
we mean that there is no central authority to issue \
new Bitcoins or keep track of transactions. Instead, these \
tasks are managed collectively by the Bitcoin protocol \
operating through the nodes of the network.
master_sites sourceforge
distname ${name}-${version}-linux
checksums md5 4c24497a3c88adf1ef9855efaf31cf87 \
sha1 a95b20338a14bb6aa379285828fb0a13b9f6c0e4 \
rmd160 7a1e4055a6e77cfaafab2f92ea0400238ea8a256

fetch.type git
git.branch v${version}

depends_lib port:boost \
port:openssl \
port:db48 \
port:miniupnpc \

worksrcdir ${name}-${version}-linux/src

if {![variant_isset daemon]} {
PortGroup qmake 1.0

patchfiles patch_src_src_serialize_h.diff
build.args ""
build.pre_args ""
build.post_args "" ""
build.cmd (cd src && make -f makefile.osx ) && make
configure.cmd ./ && ./configure

post-build {
set year [clock format [clock seconds] -format %Y]

reinplace -W ${worksrcpath}/ "s|\$VERSION|${version}|" Info.plist
reinplace -W ${worksrcpath}/ "s|\$YEAR|${year}|" Info.plist
variant daemon description {Build and install only the bitcoind daemon} {
configure.cmd-append --with-gui=no
depends_lib-delete port:qt4-mac

destroot {
xinstall -d ${destroot}${prefix}/bin
xinstall -d ${destroot}${prefix}/sbin
if {![variant_isset daemon]} {
xinstall -m 755 -W ${worksrcpath} \ \
src/qt/bitcoin-qt ${destroot}${prefix}/bin
xinstall -m 755 -W ${worksrcpath} src/bitcoind ${destroot}${prefix}/bin
xinstall -m 755 -W ${worksrcpath} src/bitcoin-cli ${destroot}${prefix}/bin

set docdir ${destroot}${prefix}/share/doc/${name}
xinstall -d ${docdir}
eval xinstall -m 444 -W ${worksrcpath} [glob ${worksrcpath}/doc/*] ${docdir}

xinstall -d ${destroot}${applications_dir}
file rename ${worksrcpath}/ ${destroot}${applications_dir}/
eval xinstall -m 444 -W ${worksrcpath} [glob ${worksrcpath}/doc/*.md] ${docdir}

variant daemon description {Build and install only the bitcoind daemon} {
use_configure no
build.cmd "cd src && make -f makefile.osx"
depends_lib-delete port:qt4-mac

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