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Port: pngmeta

Version:	1.11

new port, pngmeta. Small application to work with meta data in png images.

git-svn-id: d073be05-634f-4543-b044-5fe20cf6d1d6
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Felix Kronlage
Felix Kronlage committed Dec 28, 2003
1 parent 5612f9b commit 4b678a4bd2cf53f9190b66c52565d1c9520e7d1b
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@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
# $Id: Portfile,v 1.1 2003/12/28 02:18:33 fkr Exp $

PortSystem 1.0
name pngmeta
version 1.11
categories graphics
description Pngmeta is a tool for extracting metadata from PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files.
long_description ${description}
platforms darwin freebsd
master_sites sourceforge:pmt
checksums md5 5d495f7668f7ccc64a1576c8cfd15506
depends_lib lib:libpng:libpng
configure.args --with-png=${prefix} yes check

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