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Port: dovecot


new port, mail/dovecot (more) secure imap server

git-svn-id: d073be05-634f-4543-b044-5fe20cf6d1d6
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Felix Kronlage
Felix Kronlage committed Dec 15, 2003
1 parent e1e4c6d commit 584a816c8fc4f6f0ccd0f15e42ca9147e2fcca28
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@@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
# $Id: Portfile,v 1.1 2003/12/15 19:33:03 fkr Exp $

PortSystem 1.0
name dovecot
categories mail
description (more) secure imap server
long_description Dovecot is an IMAP and POP3 server for Linux/UNIX-like \
systems, written with security primarily in mind. Although \
it's written in C, it uses several coding techniques to avoid \
most of the common pitfalls.
platforms darwin
master_sites ${homepage}
checksums md5 81eda7985e99d28acd6d286aa0e13e07
configure.args --sysconfdir=${prefix}/etc/${name}

variant postgres { depends_lib-append lib:plpgsql:postgresql
configure.args-append --with-pgsql }

variant rawlog { configure.args-append --with-rawlog }

variant ldap { configure.args-append --with-ldap }

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