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libfaketime: Update to version 0.9.7

Remove patch applied upstream.
Add note about limitations on macOS with SIP enabled.

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raimue committed Apr 11, 2018
1 parent e910aa0 commit 60398ebb760a23e24c76ed1134c3ea643c4be2a6
Showing with 16 additions and 26 deletions.
  1. +16 −14 sysutils/libfaketime/Portfile
  2. +0 −12 sysutils/libfaketime/files/patch-test-Makefile.OSX.diff
@@ -3,11 +3,7 @@
PortSystem 1.0
PortGroup github 1.0

github.setup wolfcw libfaketime 0.9.5rc3 v

checksums rmd160 8d10140a181e0d5ce93bd7b0e7eeaa380eb7a9c6 \
sha256 ee2234335b3d730fdf6898d8dba9195d9ab3068c29af25270be03682d24a424f

github.setup wolfcw libfaketime 0.9.7 v
categories sysutils
platforms darwin
maintainers nomaintainer
@@ -22,23 +18,29 @@ long_description libfaketime intercepts various system calls that application
system-wide. The faketime wrapper can be used from command line. \
Check the documentation on how to integrate into installed applications.

patchfiles patch-test-Makefile.OSX.diff
checksums rmd160 ddeee257d6df4a553509b7034cd26bcf76e4a8e0 \
sha256 fa335f482aa4d1e19026bce17b7022b1e969d0cc1ee451cf3202e43bd8c2138b \
size 56281

use_configure no

variant universal {}

compiler.blacklist *cc* *dragonegg*

build.args -f Makefile.OSX
build.args PREFIX=${prefix}
build.env CC="${}" \
CFLAGS="[get_canonical_archflags cc]" \
LDFLAGS="[get_canonical_archflags ld]" \
PREFIX=${prefix} yes
test.args ${build.args}
test.env {*}${build.env}
LDFLAGS="[get_canonical_archflags ld]"

destroot.args ${build.args}
destroot.env {*}${build.env} yes
test.env {*}${build.env}

notes {
With System Integrity Protection (SIP) enabled on macOS 10.11 El Capitan\
or later, it is not possible to override date and time for system\
binaries in /bin or /usr/bin as DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES will be ignored.\
This also applies to shell scripts invoked through #!/bin/sh or similar.

This file was deleted.

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