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py-xlsx2csv: Simplify by removing unneeded lines

Remove real_name variable and don't set homepage, master_sites,
worksrcdir or distfiles; the defaults from the python portgroup work
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ryandesign committed Jun 27, 2020
1 parent 2430436 commit 6f05b459f7cd695666823459b4542d9bf9d36174
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  1. +0 −7 python/py-xlsx2csv/Portfile
@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@ PortSystem 1.0
PortGroup python 1.0

name py-xlsx2csv
set real_name xlsx2csv
version 0.7.7
platforms darwin
supported_archs noarch
@@ -16,12 +15,6 @@ description xlsx to csv converter
long_description Converts xslx files to csv format.\
Handles large XLSX files. Fast and easy to use.

master_sites pypi:x/${real_name}

worksrcdir ${real_name}-${version}
distfiles ${real_name}-${version}${extract.suffix}

checksums rmd160 5391403df70ec0877ac9eaf7a8798feb8f7c1e1f \
sha256 844a79ec29278ae05cb60b0056a5b839c034d45875b6e672fcb1845fed7c7127 \
size 237132

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