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Submitted by: (Jim Nasby)
Reviewed by:    olegb@
Approved by:
Obtained from:

Port:		libsigc++
Version:	1.2.5

initial checkin of the port, added master_site. Thanks Jim!

git-svn-id: d073be05-634f-4543-b044-5fe20cf6d1d6
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Ole Guldberg Jensen
Ole Guldberg Jensen committed Dec 9, 2003
1 parent 90fb571 commit 772dbc787d120bbedbc2746d7e59b315475a48c1
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  1. +17 −0 devel/libsigc++/Portfile
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
# $Id: Portfile,v 1.1 2003/12/09 15:40:22 olegb Exp $

PortSystem 1.0
name libsigc++
version 1.2.5
categories devel
description C++ signal callback system
long_description libsigc++ implements a typesafe callback system for \
standard C++. It allows you to define signals and to \
connect those signals to any callback function, either \
global or a member function, regardless of whether it is \
static or virtual.
master_sites sourceforge:libsigc
platforms darwin
checksums md5 d0d1ffcae0eced97ef4f17ce0ba81352

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