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openblas: go native on older systems

On older systems, the 32bit/64bit differences are
difficult to compensate for in the Portfile. OpenBLAS
now handles this internally quite well. Use that instead.

Buildbot distributions of OpenBLAS will be disabled, and users will build
OpenBLAS optimally on their systems -- this probably for the
best, to maximize the efficiency of older sytems.
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kencu committed May 17, 2020
1 parent 0e70b10 commit 7beaccfb4e499312fb95e5c7af7becd6b3c9cf46
Showing with 1 addition and 14 deletions.
  1. +1 −14 math/OpenBLAS/Portfile
@@ -22,22 +22,9 @@ platforms darwin
compiler.blacklist-append cc {*gcc-3*} {*gcc-4.[0-7]} {clang < 800.0.38}
platform darwin i386 {
compiler.blacklist-append {macports-clang-[3-4].*}
compiler.fallback-append macports-clang-5.0 macports-clang-6.0 macports-clang-7.0
compiler.fallback-append macports-clang-9.0 macports-clang-8.0 macports-clang-7.0

#Define target based on version of OS
#OS 10.5 supports down to Intel Core Solo (Intel) or PowerPC G4
if {${os.major} == 9} {
if {${os.arch} eq "i386" || [variant_isset universal]} {
set blas_arch "YONAH"
} else {
set blas_arch "PPCG4"
#OS 10.6 supports down to Intel Core Solo architecture
if {${os.major} == 10} {
set blas_arch "YONAH"
#OS 10.7-10.11 supports down to iMac 7,1, with Intel Core 2 Duo architecture
#OS 10.12-13 supports down to iMac 10,1, with Intel Core 2 Duo architecture
if {${os.major} >= 11 && ${os.major} <= 17} {

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