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Add some more long_description entries.

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Jordan K. Hubbard
Jordan K. Hubbard committed Jan 4, 2003
1 parent 440a867 commit 816937a7a3826a181e057648ffc9369dc86ae5bb
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  1. +3 −0 www/lynx/Portfile
  2. +3 −0 www/w3m/Portfile
  3. +1 −1 www/wml/Portfile
  4. +2 −1 x11/lesstif/Portfile
  5. +3 −0 x11/tk/Portfile
@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@ version 2.8.4
categories www
description Text-based web browser
long_description lynx is a program which allows a user to access World-Wide Web servers \
and other information servers. It uses only ascii representation so \
that it can be used from ascii-terminals and dial-in lines.
platforms darwin
distname ${name}${version}
use_bzip2 yes
@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@ version 0.3.1
categories www
description pager/text based browser
long_description w3m is a pager/text-based WWW browser. \
It is a similar application to Lynx, but it has several features Lynx \
doesn't have, like tables and frames.
platforms darwin
default_variants +m17n
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ platforms darwin
categories www lang
description Website META Language

long_description WML is a free and extensible Webdesigner's off-line HTML generation toolkit for Unix
master_sites \
checksums md5 98d2df48eb879d9c09c0fe81413b3db9
@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@ version 0.93.36
revision 0
categories x11
description An Open Source implementation of OSF/Motif.
description An Open Source implementation of OSF/Motif.
long_description This is an independent implementation of the Motif widget set, originally developed by the Hungry Programmers. It has been somewhat superceded by the openMotif toolkit now that the OSF has open-sourced the original reference bits.
platforms darwin
checksums md5 e2c974a40a07066c128d44c3adcb2e4e
@@ -4,6 +4,9 @@ version 8.4.1
categories x11
description Tcl Tool Kit
long_description This is Tk version ${version}, a GUI toolkit for Tcl. \
The best way to get started with Tcl is to read ``Tcl and the Tk \
Toolkit'' by John K. Ousterhout, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-63337-X.
platforms darwin
distname ${portname}${portversion}-src

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