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asciidoc: Update to asciidoc-py3 9.0.0rc1

Switch to a version that supports python 3.x, use python 3.7, set
license_noconflict openssl because asciidoc doesn't use openssl, it just
uses python, which links against openssl.

Since this is a source distribution now, we need to run autoreconf.
Additionally, the libxml2, libxslt, docbook-xml-4.5 and docbook-xsl-nons
dependencies are now also required at build time. Add them as library
dependencies to ensure asciidoc works when compiling manpages, because
that might require files from docbook-xsl-nons.

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neverpanic committed Feb 13, 2020
1 parent e424f96 commit 9875cffcfdb567e35e6a8d38608d46c73e6d3f91
Showing with 24 additions and 16 deletions.
  1. +24 −16 textproc/asciidoc/Portfile
@@ -2,11 +2,13 @@

PortSystem 1.0

PortGroup github 1.0

github.setup asciidoc asciidoc-py3 9.0.0rc1
checksums rmd160 4748713386dcc24c2189af772f9fda2fb453cdb6 \
sha256 20d8f3582a1a404003d57d9f6173e6ce1802d0993684e2cd14a4bc4b2cead292 \
size 1143948
name asciidoc
version 8.6.9
revision 3
checksums sha256 78db9d0567c8ab6570a6eff7ffdf84eadd91f2dfc0a92a2d0105d323cab4e1f0 \
rmd160 f19936593e3bed2755d77d38dd78a4769f77c7fa

categories textproc
license GPL-2+
@@ -25,31 +27,37 @@ platforms darwin
supported_archs noarch
installs_libs no

# asciidoc doesn't use openssl, it just uses the python interpreter, which does.
license_noconflict openssl

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jmroot Feb 14, 2020


This is incorrect. The python interpreter does not need openssl, but the included _hashlib and _ssl extension modules do. There are some python files in asciidoc which import hashlib.

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neverpanic Feb 15, 2020

Author Member

Fixed in 0a38521.

master_sites sourceforge

depends_lib port:python27
depends_run port:docbook-xml-4.5 \
port:fop \
use_autoreconf yes
depends_lib port:python37 \
port:libxml2 \
port:libxslt \
port:docbook-xml-4.5 \
depends_run port:fop
# Other runtime dependencies include dblatex, w3m and epubcheck, but those are
# rarely used and large. See #52758.

configure.python ${prefix}/bin/python2.7
configure.python ${prefix}/bin/python3.7

pre-configure {
reinplace "s:^\tpython3 :\t${configure.python} :" \
reinplace "s:#!/usr/bin/env python3:#!${configure.python}:" \
${worksrcpath}/ \
} install docs vimdir=${prefix}/share/vim/vimfiles/

pre-destroot {
xinstall -d ${destroot}${prefix}/share/vim/vimfiles

post-destroot {
reinplace "s:#!/usr/bin/env python:#!${prefix}/bin/python2.7:" \
${destroot}${prefix}/bin/asciidoc \

platform darwin {
# Avoid hidden dependency on gsed
configure.env-append SED=/usr/bin/sed

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