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legacysupport 1.1: new PortGroup

Portgroup provides support older OS releases.
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MarcusCalhoun-Lopez authored and michaelld committed Mar 17, 2020
1 parent 5a77d6b commit c9faa154d5fda9037edec3c92acd9177f2ad6b6f
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  1. +112 −0 _resources/port1.0/group/legacysupport-1.1.tcl
@@ -0,0 +1,112 @@
# -*- coding: utf-8; mode: tcl; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- vim:fenc=utf-8:ft=tcl:et:sw=4:ts=4:sts=4
# This portgroup provides support older OS releases by:
# * providing a library for various missing library functions
# * ameliorate the mixing of libstdc++ libraries

# Usage:
# PortGroup legacysupport 1.1
# legacysupport.newest_darwin_requires_legacy: newest macOS release that requires legacy support
# legacysupport.header_search: preprocessor flag used to locate header directory
# legacysupport.library_name: linker flag used to add library
# legacysupport.redirect_bins: binary files that mix different versions of libstdc++
# create a wrapper so that only MacPorts libstdc++ is used

options legacysupport.newest_darwin_requires_legacy
default legacysupport.newest_darwin_requires_legacy {}

options legacysupport.header_search
default legacysupport.header_search {-isystem${prefix}/include/LegacySupport}

options legacysupport.library_name
default legacysupport.library_name {${prefix}/lib/libMacportsLegacySupport.dylib}

options legacysupport.redirect_bins
default legacysupport.redirect_bins {}

# please remove when a86f95c has been in a released MacPorts version for at least two weeks
# see
if {![info exists compiler.limit_flags]} {
options compiler.limit_flags
default compiler.limit_flags no

namespace eval legacysupport {

proc legacysupport::add_legacysupport {} {
global prefix \
os.platform \

if {${os.platform} eq "darwin" && ${os.major} <= [option legacysupport.newest_darwin_requires_legacy]} {
ui_debug "Adding legacy build support"

# depend on the support library or devel version if installed
depends_lib-delete path:lib/libMacportsLegacySupport.dylib:legacy-support
depends_lib-append path:lib/libMacportsLegacySupport.dylib:legacy-support

configure.ldflags-delete [option legacysupport.library_name]
configure.ldflags-append [option legacysupport.library_name]

if {![option compiler.limit_flags]} {
configure.cppflags-delete [option legacysupport.header_search]
configure.cppflags-prepend [option legacysupport.header_search]

compiler.cpath-delete ${prefix}/include/LegacySupport
compiler.cpath-prepend ${prefix}/include/LegacySupport

# see
if {${os.platform} eq "darwin" && [option configure.cxx_stdlib] eq "macports-libstdc++"} {
foreach phase {configure build destroot test} {
${phase}.env-delete DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=${prefix}/lib/libgcc
${phase}.env-append DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=${prefix}/lib/libgcc

port::register_callback legacysupport::add_legacysupport

proc legacysupport::legacysupport_proc {option action args} {
if {$action ne "set"} return

option_proc legacysupport.newest_darwin_requires_legacy legacysupport::legacysupport_proc

# see
post-destroot {
if {${os.platform} eq "darwin" && ${configure.cxx_stdlib} eq "macports-libstdc++"} {
foreach rbin ${legacysupport.redirect_bins} {
set dir [file dirname ${rbin}]
if {${dir} eq "."} {
set dir ${prefix}/bin
set bin ${dir}/[file tail ${rbin}]

move ${destroot}${bin} \

set wrapper [open "${destroot}${bin}" w 0755]
puts ${wrapper} "#!/bin/bash"
puts ${wrapper} ""
puts ${wrapper} {if [ -n "$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH" ]; then}
puts ${wrapper} " DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=${prefix}/lib/libgcc:\${DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH}"
puts ${wrapper} {else}
puts ${wrapper} " DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=${prefix}/lib/libgcc"
puts ${wrapper} {fi}
puts ${wrapper} {export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH}
puts ${wrapper} ""
puts ${wrapper} {exec "${0}-orig" "$@"}
close $wrapper


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@jmroot jmroot commented on c9faa15 Mar 25, 2020

Is this somehow incompatible with the existing legacysupport 1.0 usage in portfiles? If not, why not update the existing portgroup and let all existing ports using it gain the benefits automatically?

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