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Notation Interchange File Format

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Yves de Champlain
Yves de Champlain committed Dec 9, 2005
1 parent 8f2fefb commit cb82906694cd4c6a87f5b1ec39f8b6b3ee3bf986
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# $Id: Portfile,v 1.1 2005/12/09 02:08:53 yves Exp $

PortSystem 1.0
name niffsdk
version 1.02
categories devel print audio
platforms darwin
description Notation Interchange File Format
long_description \
A free, public domain, platform independent \
Software Developer's Kit for software developers implementing NIFF. \
This is a standard digital format for the representation \
of standard musical notation. The format is very flexible, \
allowing for simple implementations with minimal graphical information, \
or much more elaborate descriptions including all aspects of page layout, \
associated midi data, custom symbols, etc.


extract.suffix .tar
extract.cmd cat
extract.pre_args ""
checksums md5 5efcd845a9d9d720a73c47444e7fbb3f

worksrcdir ${name}${version}

patch {
reinplace "s|stdcriff |stdcriff|" \

configure.pre_args --prefix=${destroot}${prefix}

post-destroot {
cd ${worksrcpath}
system "find . -name *.h -exec install -m 644 {} \
${destroot}${prefix}/include \\;"

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