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povray: Don't prevent build on 10.6 and earlier

4633da5 didn't explain why this was
done and it builds fine for me. Maybe the former reason, whatever it
was, no longer applies.
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ryandesign committed Jan 10, 2019
1 parent c8da138 commit ee3b2a39a8d054225738980a981849238af715a5
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@@ -103,15 +103,6 @@ platform darwin {
patchfiles-append patch-lseek64.diff \

if {${os.major} <= 10} {
pre-fetch {
ui_error "${name} @${version} does not build on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or earlier."
return -code error "unsupported Mac OS X version"

set merger_host(x86_64) x86_64-apple-${os.platform}${os.major}
set merger_host(i386) i686-apple-${os.platform}${os.major}
set merger_host(ppc64) powerpc64-apple-${os.platform}${os.major}

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kencu commented on ee3b2a3 Jan 11, 2019

Thanks! I hope to see many more of these blockers disappearing as time goes by!

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