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gnustep-make-docs: add missing required variables

git-svn-id: d073be05-634f-4543-b044-5fe20cf6d1d6
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jmroot committed Oct 6, 2008
1 parent 78d11f6 commit eefa73939c7c3df897f9c3ced48878f5a375e973
Showing with 3 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +3 −0 gnustep/gnustep-make-docs/Portfile
@@ -10,13 +10,16 @@ description GNUstep makefile documentation
long_description ${description}
platforms darwin
maintainers nomaintainer

depends_build port:gnustep-make \
bin:latex2html:latex2html \
bin:texi2pdf:texinfo \
bin:texi2html:texi2html \

master_sites gnustep:core

checksums md5 1d7a434e751c58c6390055c14ada302b
distname gnustep-make-${version}
worksrcdir ${distname}/Documentation

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