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NicePlayer: new port, thanks to author Jay Tuley. See ticket https://…

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ryandesign committed Aug 27, 2007
1 parent 33fe1e1 commit f98265612edb6c574a2da1d529b3e6beb403b396
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@@ -0,0 +1,66 @@
# $Id$

PortSystem 1.0

name NicePlayer
version 0.95
categories aqua multimedia
platforms macosx
description Multi-engine Fullscreen Video Player
long_description This program aims to be a Video player designed for \
playing movies nicely for a person who likes to watch or \
present movies on their computer (such as the casual \
viewer or the video artist). This program features full \
screen or border-less floating windows, convenient \
controls for scrubbing or queuing movies, and on the \
fly playlist creation.

master_sites sourceforge:niceplayer
distname ${name}_source_${version}
checksums sha1 3f59c9c501eb94223e972df26758a55bbe8ea26d
use_bzip2 yes
extract.suffix .tbz2

post-patch {
# Remove subversion version extraction while build.
# Needs to be updated with every release of the port or
# the automatic updater will not work!
# The number stored here is the subversion revision.
reinplace "s|REV=.*|REV=514|g" \

use_configure no
build.type pbx
build.dir ${workpath}/${name}_source_${version}/niceplayer -configuration Release
build.args build -project ${name}.xcodeproj SYMROOT=${workpath}/build

pre-destroot {
# Rename the following files because of a bug in macports which fails to
# uninstall files containg { or }; Ticket #12420
set scripts "${workpath}/build/Release/${name}.app/Contents/Resources/Default Scripts"

file rename "${scripts}/01 Stretch Aspect Ratio/01 To 16-9 {^*L}.scpt" \
"${scripts}/01 Stretch Aspect Ratio/01 To 16-9 ⁅^*L⁆.scpt"
file rename "${scripts}/01 Stretch Aspect Ratio/01 To 4-3 {^*K}.scpt" \
"${scripts}/01 Stretch Aspect Ratio/01 To 4-3 ⁅^*K⁆.scpt"

file rename "${scripts}/02 Time Control/Go To Time...{^*G}.scpt" \
"${scripts}/02 Time Control/Go To Time...⁅^*G⁆.scpt"
file rename "${scripts}/02 Time Control/Title Sequence (Approx) Jump {^*J}.scpt" \
"${scripts}/02 Time Control/Title Sequence (Approx) Jump⁅^*J⁆.scpt"

file rename "${scripts}/98 Just For Fun/Send to Background {^*B}.scpt" \
"${scripts}/02 Time Control/Send to Background ⁅^*B⁆.scpt"
file rename "${scripts}/98 Just For Fun/Set Current Window Transparency {^*T}.scpt" \
"${scripts}/02 Time Control/Set Current Window Transparency ⁅^*T⁆.scpt"

destroot {
xinstall -m 755 -d ${destroot}/Applications/MacPorts/
file copy ${workpath}/build/Release/${name}.app \

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