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A build automation tool for MacPorts’ Buildbot setup

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MacPorts Buildbot Scripts

This is a collection of scripts that will be run by the MacPorts Project's Buildbot buildslaves for continuous integration and precompilation of binary archives.

General Structure

The mpbb ("MacPorts Buildbot") driver script defines a subcommand for each step of a build. These subcommands are implemented as separate scripts named mpbb-SUBCOMMAND, but they are not intended to be standalone programs and should not be executed as such. Build steps should only be run using the mpbb driver.

The defined build steps are:

  1. Update base without updating the portindex.

    mpbb --prefix /opt/local selfupdate
  2. Checkout ports tree and update the portindex.

    mpbb --prefix /opt/local --work-dir /tmp/scratch \
        checkout \
        [--ports-url] \
        [--ports-commit 40c3ce0a26abc0d778754ecde9660bead94a2ffd]
  3. Print one or more ports' subports to standard output.

    mpbb --prefix /opt/local list-subports php cmake llvm-3.8 [...]
  4. For each subport listed in step 3:

    a. Install dependencies.

        mpbb --prefix /opt/local install-dependencies php71

    b. Install the subport itself.

        mpbb --prefix /opt/local install-port php71

    c. Gather archives.

        mpbb --prefix /opt/local --work-dir /tmp/scratch \
            gather-archives \
            --archive-site \
            --staging-dir /tmp/scratch/staging

    d. Upload. Must be implemented in the buildmaster.

    e. Deploy. Must be implemented in the buildmaster.

    f. Clean up. This must always be run, even if a previous step failed.

        mpbb --prefix /opt/local cleanup

Subcommand API

Subcommand scripts are sourced by the mpbb driver. A script named mpbb-SUBCOMMAND must define these two shell functions:

  • SUBCOMMAND(): Perform the subcommand's work and return zero on success and nonzero on failure.
  • SUBCOMMAND-usage(): Print to standard out a usage summary, a description of the subcommand's purpose, and the subcommand's options, but do not exit. The output is passed through fmt(1), so single newlines are not preserved.

Scripts may define additional functions as desired. For example, the mpbb-list-subports script defines the required list-subports and list-subports-usage functions, as well as a print-subports helper.

Subcommand scripts may use but not modify these global shell parameters:

  • $command: The name of the subcommand.
  • $option_prefix: The prefix of the MacPorts installation.
  • $option_jobs_dir: The path to a local copy of the jobs tools.
  • $option_log_dir: A directory for storing build logs.
  • $option_work_dir: A directory for storing temporary data. It is guaranteed to persist for the duration of an mpbb run, so it may be used to share ancillary files (e.g., a Subversion checkout of the ports tree) between builds of different ports.
  • $option_failcache_dir: A directory for storing information about previously failed builds which saves time because builds that are known to fail will not be attempted.
  • $option_license_db_dir: A directory for storing information about port licenses used by the port_binary_distributable.tcl script.

Runtime Requirements

  • mpbb is written in bash and is known to be compatible with 3.2.17 through 3.2.57.
  • Library functions
  • Subcommands
    • Any subcommand involving ports requires MacPorts, obviously.
    • mpbb checkout requires one or both of the Git and Subversion clients.
    • mpbb help requires fmt(1).
    • mpbb gather-archives requires curl.
    • mpbb selfupdate requires Make.

Development Setup

For development of mpbb, we recommend the following setup:

  • Install a separate copy of MacPorts, e.g. in /opt/mports. See Install Multiple MacPorts Copies. It is not recommended to use your normal copy of MacPorts, since mpbb will do cleanup after installation and deactivate all active ports.
  • Call mpbb with --prefix=/opt/mports to use your custom prefix. You may also want to set --work-dir.


A build automation tool for MacPorts’ Buildbot setup






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