Using the Hangout API to Whisper to people in Hangouts
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Hangout Whispher for Google+

September 20th 2011, the Google Hangouts API was released, and I was the first developer that released an app which I called Multiple Conversations. It has now been renamed to Hangout Whisper for Google+, you can control the local video and audio levels for a participant in a hangout. Original link:

For example, say you want to talk to person in a hangout that has 10 people, but there are many people talking on top of you, you can mute everyone except the displayed active user.

Another neat feature is muting everything in the hangout, to do that, just select yourself and activate the whisper and your done.

Thanks to the following awesome people who helped me test it!

  • Bobbi Jo Woods
  • Jake McCuistion
  • Brian McDonald
  • Dano Hart
  • Lamond B.

Please fork and contribute code! I hope you get to learn about the API and you will be able to develop your own awesome hangout apps!

Screenshot of the App