A library that extends the default Java APIs
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CIT Java (v. 0.0.1)

CIT Java is a library that extends the default Java APIs.

It's part of the Common Infrastructure Tools (CIT) project hosted by Macroing.org.

Supported Features

  • java.awt: An AbsoluteLayout class, a Colors class etc.
  • java.awt.image: A BufferedImages class with convenience methods.
  • java.io: Conversions between data types and byte arrays.
  • java.io: Methods to list files and directories.
  • java.lang: A Math2 class that provides methods for float among other things.
  • java.net: A URIs class that can check if a String conforms to a URI.
  • java.util: A BitIterable to iterate over byte arrays and their bits.
  • java.util: A generic Graph class of Comparables.
  • java.util: A generic Interval class that defines an interval over Comparables.
  • java.util: Optionals for boolean, byte, char, float and short.
  • java.util: An Optionals class with static convenience methods for Optional and friends.
  • java.util: A DataBuffer interface and various implementations.
  • java.util: A Document class for creating well-formatted text.
  • java.util: The classes Scanner, ByteScanner and TextScanner for scanning.
  • java.util.concurrent: A ConcurrentLinkedHashSet class.
  • java.util.concurrent.atomic: An AtomicDouble class.
  • java.util.function: Consumers for boolean, byte, char, float and short.
  • java.util.function: Suppliers for byte, char, float and short.
  • java.util.function: A TerConsumer to consume three input arguments.
  • java.util.function: A QuaterConsumer to consume four input arguments.
  • java.util.function: A Procedure that takes no arguments and produces no result.
  • java.util.node: An API useful for modeling hierarchical node structures.
  • java.util.node.tree: An extension of the Node API, providing an immutable tree structure.
  • javax.swing: A JJavaTextPane with Java syntax highlighting, a JImagePanel etc.


Coming soon...



This library has not been properly released yet. This means, even though it says it's version 1.0.0 in the build.xml file and all Java source code files, it should not be treated as such. When this library gets released, it will be tagged and available on the "releases" page.