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This is the official home of AMD's Aparapi. Please see for additional AMD open source contributions.

NOTE: This site and source code is not affiliated with

Please refer to the current documentation or the older docs on google code Aparapi Google Code for documentation.

Binary downloads at Maven Central coming soon!

Watch this space!

Getting Started

If you are an official Contributor than Clone the repository and work on it as needed.

If you are an interested developer and just want to experiment with Aparapi then Fork the repository and submit Pull requests.


Download known working binary releases from Aparapi Releases.


Every single project in Aparapi, including the root of the entire repository are Eclipse projects, although execution purely from the command-line is also supported.


  • Clone/Fork the repository to your local machine
  • Import 'aparapi' to your Eclipse workspace making sure to import 'nested projects'
  • Open the appropriate Ant build.xml files in your Eclipse Ant view

Thank you,

The Aparapi Team

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