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Setup (

Note : uninstall and update Applications can use APT or synaptic package manager

Step by step Create Repository Portable (ONLY for linux Beefree OS)

  • Clone setup repository

git clone

  • Entering directory

cd setup

  • Change file mode bits

sudo chmod 777 *

  • Download app with dependencies (If your application is not in the repository, this step is not necessary)

packin package

  • clean clears out the local repository of retrieved package files.

apt clean

  • Create app.iso MUST with aptoncd (telolet version)

  • Customize free.xml (change vendor,product, version, location, etc )
  • Change wesnoth with app your name in

in line DEBIAN_FRONTEND=gnome apt install -y wesnoth

  • Create installer (.run) with Cross Platform BitRock InstallBuilder

  • Get a Free License installbuilder for your Open Source Project (optional)