A single point of entry for all Wikimedia-related resources
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A single point of entry for all Wikimedia-related resources

Hi! Welcome to the Wikimedia Resource Center project page on Github. This is a space for developers to contribute to the development of a gadget to build a directory on Meta-Wikimedia.


The Wikimedia Resource Center was designed as a single point of entry to all Wikimedia-related resources. This includes: contact and questions, program guides, skills support, program support, resources for developers, and more. Everyone can contribute to the Wikimedia Resource Center: the goal is to reach out to people who document a process, write step-by-step guides, or run a workshop, among other resources that they can share in this platform.

There are two components to sharing resources on this platform: audience and category. The audience is the group of people you are addressing. In the Wikimedia Resource Center, we are focusing on 4 audience groups:

  • Program leaders (Wikimedians who help run edit-a-thons, photo contests, Wikipedians in Residence, etc.),

  • Content contributors (Wikimedians who contribute content on Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Wikivoyage, etc)

  • Volunteer developers (those who contribute code to our projects, by writing bots, Lua models, etc)

  • Affiliate organizers (Wikimedians who are invested in organizing a local Wikimedia user group, chapter, or thematic organization)

The category refers to the area your resource is addressing. We have identified 10 areas for contribution: Contact and questions, skills development, grant support, program support, software basics, software development, technical infrastructure, global reach partnerships, legal, communications.

[[meta:Connect]]: connecting people across the Wikimedia movement

People are the very essence of our movement. When we connect to others, we learn faster, better and the knowledge stays with us for longer. While meeting offline helps to advance many projects and spark new ones, meeting online still has some barriers, specially for newcomers:

  • it is difficult to understand where groups with a certain thematic focus meet online. There are several Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram groups, and Twitter handles, but they are hard to find for newcomers, because they are not registered anywhere on the wiki.

  • there are many processes in place to start or continue contributing, for any of the audience groups, and newcomers usually are alone and have to figure out how best to approach different tasks only having their best judgement.

Connect works as a directory of groups and individuals that can offer more support for newcomers. People can share their area of focus area, expertise, skills, and answer questions for Wikimedians who are only now beginning to grow in the movement.

Newcomers may have many questions: how do I start a user group? What things should I consider before I start? How do I establish a partnership with a museum? For all these questions, seasoned advice is key.

Milestone 1: Prototype

Connect is live since September 15, 2017.

This version has the initial proposal of adding people and groups. In order to add a groupor a person, a contributor has to read documentation and use a template. These steps can be made easier with a form programmed on json.

Milestone 2: A form to add individuals

The next milestone is to create a form that makes adding individuals to the directory a much easier process. The form would also add a category to the userpage. Find the open issue here

Milestone 3: A form for groups

The third milestone is to create or adapt an existing form that makes adding groups to the directory easier. It is the same issue as above, which you can find here