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Packer Plugin for Orka

This is a Packer Plugin to automate building images for MacStadium Orka, a Kubernetes/Docker-based macOS virtualization PaaS/SaaS service by MacStadium.


Using pre-built releases

Using the packer init command

Starting from version 1.7, Packer supports a new packer init command allowing automatic installation of Packer plugins. Read the Packer documentation for more information.

To install this plugin, copy and paste this code into your Packer configuration . Then, run packer init.

packer {
  required_plugins {
    macstadium-orka = {
      version = "= 3.0.1"
      source  = ""

Manual installation

You can find pre-built binary releases of the plugin here. Once you have downloaded the latest archive corresponding to your target OS, uncompress it to retrieve the plugin binary file corresponding to your platform. To install the plugin, please follow the Packer documentation on installing a plugin.

From Sources

If you prefer to build the plugin from sources, clone the GitHub repository locally and run the command go build from the root directory. Upon successful compilation, a packer-plugin-macstadium-orka plugin binary file can be found in the root directory. To install the compiled plugin, please follow the official Packer documentation on installing a plugin.


For more information on how to configure the plugin, please read the documentation located in the docs/ directory.


  • If you think you've found a bug in the code or you have a question regarding the usage of this software, please reach out to us by opening an issue in this GitHub repository.

  • Contributions to this project are welcome: if you want to add a feature or a fix a bug, please do so by opening a Pull Request in this GitHub repository. In case of feature contribution, we kindly ask you to open an issue to discuss it beforehand.

  • For more information on contributing, please view

Release the plugin

To release the plugin, follow the steps below:

Original Author / License

This plugin is "very-loosely" based-on and took inspiration from the Packer Null Builder and Packer LXD Plugin.