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How to use:

1. make the cgi nexe:
   $ cd save_source
   $ make

2. have a webserver running that will let you execute cgi scripts.
   - I like mongoose for a quick and small server:
   - I ran that in the examples directory (instead of in nacl_sdk)

3. make sure you can execute nexes from the command line
   - See:

4. make sure you forward the CGI environment variables (CONTENT_LENGTH in particular) to the nexe process:
   here's what one of my scripts looks like now:

   /home/ubuntu/nacl_sdk/pepper_19/tools/sel_ldr_x86_32 -a -S -B /home/ubuntu/nacl_sdk/pepper_19/tools/irt_core_x86_32.nexe -l /dev/null -ECONTENT_LENGTH=${CONTENT_LENGTH} -EHTTP_HOST=${HTTP_HOST} "$@"  2> /dev/null

5. that's pretty much it, I think.
   - just point your browser to this directory on the server and go. 
   - also see the single_instance project above, since that's being used here. (Although you don't have to.)

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