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A PHP implementation of the official Instagram API
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## This is a very simple instagram API implementation in PHP.
This first version depends on the Zend_Http_Client component from Zend Framework[1]. The code was made in such a way that it is HTTP client agnostic, but right now I'm working on an specific CURL-based client implementation so we don't depend on Zend Framework.

You don't need to download the whole Zend Framework stack to make this implementation work. Just make sure you have the HTTP Client[2] and everything under the 'Client' tree[3], anyway, the minimal version is very small and you can download it right from here[4]

If you take a look at the code, you'll notice that every method is mostly similar, with the exception of the endpoint, the number of params passed and the HTTP method performed. Yes, I did a first version of the API without a single one but a __call() method which, based on the endpoints mapping, created the right request and sent it to the server. After using it for a while, I just thought it was too simple, error prone and didn't help the auto-complete feature when you use a fancy IDE. This code is open sourced, so any ideas or suggestions will be welcomed, hope you use it and enjoy it!

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