CS193P iPad & iPhone Application Development Fall 2011 / Assignment I solution - RPN Calculator
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This is the solution for assignment number one of the Stanford class
for fall 2011, CS193P iPad and iPhone Application Development.

All the assignment requirements are solved, including the three extra credits.

The course page is http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs193p/cgi-bin/drupal/
You can download the assignment guidelines from 

I am uploading this to GitHub for backing it up and get suggestions about what I did.
Keep in mind that I have no idea about iPhone development and this code may not have the right level of decency,
but it works :)

I also want to help those like me, who are following the class and would like to discuss possible
solutions, approaches and/or tips. Feel free to drop me a line if you have questions or suggestions.

Remember that you can follow the course on iTunes U, at

macuenca at gmail