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Merge pull request #943 from ychin/macvim-tests

Add MacVim test scripts for basic testing
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ychin committed Oct 8, 2019
2 parents 0b679a4 + 53f0d7e commit dc07a14923ef5afb2d90f7b28e96ebdcf5948a6c
Showing with 50 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +2 −0 src/testdir/Make_all.mak
  2. +48 −0 src/testdir/test_macvim.vim
@@ -172,6 +172,7 @@ NEW_TESTS = \
test_listlbr \
test_listlbr_utf8 \
test_lua \
test_macvim \
test_makeencoding \
test_man \
test_maparg \
@@ -372,6 +373,7 @@ NEW_TESTS_RES = \
test_listener.res \
test_listlbr.res \
test_lua.res \
test_macvim.res \
test_makeencoding.res \
test_man.res \
test_maparg.res \
@@ -0,0 +1,48 @@
" Test for MacVim behaviors and regressions

source check.vim
CheckFeature gui_macvim

" Tests for basic existence of commands and options to make sure no
" regressions have accidentally removed them
func Test_macvim_options_commands()
call assert_true(exists('+antialias'), 'Missing option "antialias"')
call assert_true(exists('+blurradius'), 'Missing option "blurradius"')
call assert_true(exists('+fullscreen'), 'Missing option "fullscreen"')
call assert_true(exists('+fuoptions'), 'Missing option "fuoptions"')
call assert_true(exists('+macligatures'), 'Missing option "macligatures"')
call assert_true(exists('+macmeta'), 'Missing option "macmeta"')
call assert_true(exists('+macthinstrokes'), 'Missing option "macthinstrokes"')
call assert_true(exists('+toolbariconsize'), 'Missing option "toolbariconsize"')
call assert_true(exists('+transparency'), 'Missing option "transparency"')

call assert_true(exists(':macaction'), 'Missing command "macaction"')
call assert_true(exists(':macmenu'), 'Missing command "macmenu"')

" Test that Cmd-key and touch pad mappings are working (this doesn't actually
" test that the full mapping work properly as it's difficult to inject keys in
" Vimscript)
func Test_macvim_mappings()
let g:marker_value=0

nnoremap <D-1> :let g:marker_value=1<CR>
call feedkeys("\<D-1>", "xt")
call assert_equal(1, g:marker_value)

nnoremap <SwipeLeft> :let g:marker_value=1<CR>
call feedkeys("\<SwipeLeft>", "xt")
call assert_equal(1, g:marker_value)
nnoremap <SwipeRight> :let g:marker_value=2<CR>
call feedkeys("\<SwipeRight>", "xt")
call assert_equal(2, g:marker_value)
nnoremap <SwipeUp> :let g:marker_value=3<CR>
call feedkeys("\<SwipeUp>", "xt")
call assert_equal(3, g:marker_value)
nnoremap <SwipeDown> :let g:marker_value=4<CR>
call feedkeys("\<SwipeDown>", "xt")
call assert_equal(4, g:marker_value)
nnoremap <ForceClick> :let g:marker_value=5<CR>
call feedkeys("\<ForceClick>", "xt")
call assert_equal(5, g:marker_value)

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