Use gui_macvim_flush_force instead of gui_macvim_flush in redraw/redrawstatus #182

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It is strongly related to #174

I noticed that redraw only affect when I call redraw at least twice. While I use redraw to update the indicator, this behavior is not expected.

While the comment of gui_macvim_flush said

// This function counts how many times it is called and only flushes the
// draw queue if called sufficiently often.  The first few times it is
// called it will flush often, but the more it is called the less likely is
// it that anything will be flushed.  (The counter resets itself if the
// function isn't called for a second.)
// NOTE: Should only be used in loops where it is impossible to know how
// often Vim needs to flush.  It was written to handle output from external
// commands (see mch_call_shell() in os_unix.c).

I guess gui_macvim_flush_force should be called istead of gui_macvim_flush when redraw or redrawstatus is called while these commands stand for to update MacVim manually.


splhack commented Dec 20, 2015

#183 merged, thanks

splhack closed this Dec 20, 2015

Thanks a lot ;-)

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