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jwmann commented Feb 4, 2017

In reference to Homebrew/brew#1808
brew linkapps has been deprecated.

I compile MacVim using Homebrew and use linkapps all the time. Works somewhat fine.
Though since it'll eventually be removed I can't imagine myself having to manually link the .app bundle into /Applications/ every single time I upgrade.

The suggestion is to move .app type formula to brew cask
I'm not sure how that'll help the situation though.



splhack commented Feb 4, 2017



splhack commented Feb 6, 2017

ln -Fs `find /usr/local -name ""` /Applications/

splhack closed this Feb 6, 2017

Homebrew already links as @splhack suggested, yet it doesn't overcome the issues with spotlight. I've only been able to open macvim from terminal with mvim <filename>, or from opening within finder/Applications

jwmann commented Feb 22, 2017

I typically open MacVim via double clicking a file from the Finder.

Right now brew linkapps for the most part still works as intended, however it has been marked as deprecated.
The reason I made this issue was because of homebrew suggesting .app style formulae to migrate to brew casks and also to kind of brainstorm about the possible loss of brew linkapps

I'm curious why brew linkapps just can't copy the .app to /Applications instead of a symlink. That should solve any Spotlight issues.

sometimes is necessary to have access to the app in the cellar directory. I just installed a package in R and it didn't work properly because I moved the from the cellar to /applications.

I really think that the best solution would be move the app instead of link/symboic-linking it, and then create a symbolic-link in its place. I did that with this case and I fixed the problem while I had only one copy of the bundle app and I can call the app from spotlight (like any other mac app)

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