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@ychin ychin released this Sep 21, 2020

Updated to Vim 8.2.1719.


Touch Bar improvements

Touch Bar now supports submenus, and allows mixed icon/text displays using tmenu. When in edit modes (e.g. insert), it will also display an emoji picker as well. See :help touchbar for documentation. #1084

emoji picker / submenu / icons with labels

inside submenu

activated emoji picker


  • Window menu no longer shows duplicate "Enter Full Screen" or "Tile Window to Left of Screen" entries whenever the user switches among different MacVim windows. #566 #992
  • Fix issue where going to full screen mode when titlebar appearance is set to "hidden" would result in lost focus of the window. #1078
  • The password dialog box when using :!sudo or other commands that require password entry (macvim-askpass) will no longer focus on Finder, and will keep the focus on MacVim. #1091
  • Fix minor wrong tooltip in the "Appearance" preference pane. #1087
  • "General" preference pane will now be correctly sized when Sparkle updater is disabled (e.g. Homebrew builds). #1089
  • Misc issues were fixed by Vim upstream, e.g. vimgrep causing a crash, and odd behaviors with using Shift-O on the first line. #1082 #1083


Requires macOS 10.9 or above.

Script interfaces have compatibility with these versions:

  • Lua 5.3
  • Perl 5.18
  • Python2 2.7
  • Python3 3.8
  • Ruby 2.7
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