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updated for version 7.4.504

Problem:    Restriction of the MS-Windows installer that the path must end in
	    "Vim" prevents installing more than one version.
Solution:   Remove the restriction. (Tim Lebedkov)
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icons updated for version 7.0b01
README.txt updated for version 7.0001
gvim.nsi updated for version 7.4.504


This builds a one-click install for Vim for Win32 using the Nullsoft
Installation System (NSIS), available at

To build the installable .exe:

1.  Unpack three archives:
	PC sources
	PC runtime
	PC language files
    You can generate these from the Unix sources and runtime plus the extra
    archive (see the Makefile in the top directory).

2.  Go to the src directory and build:
	gvim.exe (the OLE version),

3.  Go to the GvimExt directory and build gvimext.dll (or get it from a binary

4.  Go to the VisVim directory and build VisVim.dll (or get it from a binary

5.  Go to the OleVim directory and build OpenWithVim.exe and SendToVim.exe (or
    get them from a binary archive).

6.  Get a "diff.exe" program and put it in the "../.." directory (above the
    "vim61" directory, it's the same for all Vim versions).
    You can find one in previous Vim versions or in this archive:

7.  Do "make uganda.nsis.txt" in runtime/doc.  This requires sed, you may have
    to do this on Unix.  Make sure the file is in DOS file format!

Install NSIS if you didn't do that already.
Also install UPX, if you want a compressed file.

To build then, enter:

	makensis gvim.nsi
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