WordPress Plugin to enhance your WordPress blog with well formed informations for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ using the Open Graph Protocol (OGP) and sharing functions without the use of external JavaScript.
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Fetches social counts from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterst and XING and provide beautiful sharing buttons without the use of JavaScript



The SocialMediaEnhancer (SME) provides beautiful styled and static social media sharing buttons for your WordPress blog. It fetches the social counts (share activities) from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterst in the background without the use of performance critital JavaScript from the social networks.

To provide a optimal presentation of your post at the social networks after sharing, the SME is using the Open Graph Protocol (OGP) to include well formatted meta elements on every post.

Choose a style for the buttons and decide which network do you want to use.

Donate-Link: http://www.amazon.de/registry/wishlist/2NJSSK0DMFEQE


Please send me feedback if you have questions or new ideas on Google+ or Twitter.

Thanks to MrFloppy for the XING support


For a manual installation using FTP:

  1. Download the zip and extract it.
  2. Upload the directory SocialMediaEnhancer to your WordPress Blog plugin folder at /wp-content/plugins.
  3. Activate this Plugin in the WordPress-Backend through the 'Plugins' screen.
  4. Visit the options page in WordPress to setup it up for your needs.

Change Log

Version 2.0 in development!


  • New: $post->socialInfo['shares'] shows the social shares without the comments on the blog post which is included in $post->socialInfo['shares'] (#30)
  • Fixed: Prevent Warnings (#31)
  • Fixed: Worked now properly with excerpt text (#24)


  • Fixed: Social Counts
  • Removed Photoshop files for faster updating


  • New: Flat Design Buttons
  • New: Default Image if a post has no thumbnail
  • New: Optionen to display the Social Network name in a modern button
  • New: Debug Mode. Activate it by adding this to your URL: ?smeDebug=true
  • New: Using SASS/Compass to build the CSS
  • New: Support for Pinterst Image Sharing (using the post thumbnail)
  • New: Support for article:publisher (Facebook publisher relation)
  • New: Support for link rel="publisher" (Google+ publisher relation)
  • New: Support for meta twitter:site (Twitter publisher relation)
  • Anhanced: Better Post Image Detection
  • Fixed: Post Description is now used correctly


  • added XING-Button in Style "button"
  • external function to call sme staticly. Use
  • function to disble open graph meta data


  • added tracking of XING counts (by MrFloppy)
  • added option to turn on XING support
  • update icons for Google+, Facebook, Twitter


Initial Tracking of changes

Planned updates

  • full support of LinkedIn, Pinterest and XING with sharing buttons


Copyright 2012-2013 David Maciejewski

GPLv2 or later http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

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