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code for android app for measuring fear of crime created as part of my PhD project, funded by the EPSRC
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This application is meant to be given to groups of people to report where they feel safe and unsafe as they go about their everyday routine activities. It is an information gathering tool, for research purposes only. The app can be found on Google play here:

More information about the theory behind the app can be found here:
and here:

This app was developed by Reka Solymosi during her PhD study at University College London 2012-2015, funded by the 
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council grand number: 

Many thanks go to Kate Bowers, Taku Fujiyama, Claire Ellul, Julia Altenbuchner, Michalis Vitos, and Nick Calvert for their infinite help and patience, and to all the participants and pilot testers. 

Please feel free to take and improve on the code, but please feed all improvements back, and keep in line with the creative commons open source licence. 

DISCLAIMER: this application was written by a social scientist for a specific project, it is not amazing from a computer science perspective, there are probably better apps out there for collecting data about other things, but for fear or crime/ perception of safety this one will probably suit. But do keep in mind, there is lots and lots of space to improve here, as I will say once more: I'm not an actual developer! OK with that said, please feel free to use and feedback/ comment/ etc. 
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