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import appdaemon.plugins.hass.hassapi as hass
import re
import time
""" Appdaemon App that simulates an alarm.
Plays a preset playlist to a media player while flashing a light in a specific pattern (rhythm)
Example configuration inside apps.yaml:
module: sound_and_light_alarm
class: SoundAndLightAlarm
media_player: "media_player.mpd_kids"
light: "light.kids_light"
music: "wakeupalarm"
rhythm: "/home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/trumpet.txt"
trigger: "input_boolean.wake_up"
class SoundAndLightAlarm(hass.Hass):
#load data from the configuration section
# called automatically by AppDaemon when starting the App
def initialize(self):
self.log("__function__@__line__: Initializing...")
#set globals based on the configuration apps.yaml
self.media_player = self.args["media_player"]
self.light = self.args["light"] = self.args["music"]
self.rhythm = self.args['rhythm']
self.trigger = self.args['trigger']
#register callback for an input_boolean trigger
trigger_state = eval("self.entities."+self.trigger)
if trigger_state is not None:
self.log("__function__@__line__: Registering listener for "+self.trigger)
self.listen_state(self.onTrigger, self.trigger)
self.log("__function__@__line__: Unable to find entity trigger named "+str(self.trigger))
def onTrigger(self, entity, attribute, old, new, kwargs):
self.log("__function__@__line__: Processing trigger state change")
if new == "on":
self.log("__function__@__line__: trigger turned on, it's show time!")
#prepare the media player
self.call_service("homeassistant/turn_on", entity_id=self.media_player)
self.call_service("media_player/volume_set", entity_id=self.media_player, volume_level=1)
#play the media player
self.call_service("media_player/play_media", entity_id=self.media_player,, media_content_type="playlist")
#save the current light state
old_light_state = eval("self.entities."+self.light)
self.log("__function__@__line__: Old light state is "+str(old_light_state))
#prepare to parse the rhythm file
#look for lines similar to this
#Event: time 1525422849.036317, type 1 (EV_KEY), code 30 (KEY_A), value 1
#1 means on, 0 means off. Sleep for the difference between on/off
pattern = r"Event: time ([0-9\.]+), type 1 \(EV_KEY\), code 30 \(KEY_A\), value ([0-2])"
last_value = 0
last_time = 0
for line in open(self.rhythm, "r"):
#"play" the light
m =, line)
if m:
ctime = float(
value = int(
if value != last_value: #ignore repeated values
#sleep for whatever time we needed to sleep
if last_time > 0:
time_to_sleep = ctime-last_time
#due to limitations in the switching time for my light, reduce sleep periods from what is measured by 0.1s
time_to_sleep = time_to_sleep - 0.1
if time_to_sleep < 0:
time_to_sleep = 0
self.log("__function__@__line__: Slept for "+str(time_to_sleep))
if value == 1:
#we need to turn on the light
self.log("__function__@__line__: Turning on light")
self.call_service("homeassistant/turn_on", entity_id=self.light)
if value == 0:
#we need to turn off the light
self.log("__function__@__line__: Turning off light")
self.call_service("homeassistant/turn_off", entity_id=self.light)
last_time = ctime
last_value = value
except IOError:
self.log("__function__@__line__: Unable to read rhythm file. Lights blinking skipped")
#restore original light state
if old_light_state.state == "on":
self.call_service("homeassistant/turn_on", entity_id=self.light)
self.call_service("homeassistant/turn_off", entity_id=self.light)
#turn off the trigger
self.call_service("homeassistant/turn_off", entity_id=self.trigger)
self.call_service("homeassistant/turn_off", entity_id=self.media_player)
self.log("__function__@__line__: trigger turned off, ignoring")
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