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meteor add mike:mocha

This meteor package allows you to easily and safely run mocha tests within Meteor. It is built upon the Velocity testing framework.

Here's an example using CoffeeScript (or check out the full Meteor project w/ tests)

MochaWeb?.testOnly ->
  describe "Leaderboard", ->
    describe "givePoints", ->
      it "gives 5 points to the user", ->
        #create a player
        playerId = Players.insert {name: "TestUser1", score: 5}
        Session.set "selectedPlayer", playerId
        # wait 100ms for button to appear, then continue
        setTimeout (->
          player = Players.findOne(playerId)
          chai.assert.equal player.score, 10
          Players.remove playerId
        ), 100

Setting Up

The above test will work with the leaderboard example shipped with Meteor 1.0.

  1. Create the app with meteor create --example leaderboard
  2. Change the current working directory to leaderboard
  3. Start the app by running meteor
  4. Add CoffeeScript support with meteor add coffeescript
  5. Create the directory tests/mocha/client
  6. Save the above test code in a file called tests/mocha/client/
  7. Navigate to the app (http://localhost:3000/ by default) and click the Velocity icon in the upper right to see test results

You're free to write your tests in any Meteor supported extension. The chai assertion library is included within this package for your convenience.

(requires Meteor 0.9+)

Testing a local installation of mocha

  1. Clone this repository somewhere git clone
  2. Create a packages directory in the root of your app if it doesn't already exist cd YOUR_APP && mkdir packages
  3. Create a symlink to the repository you cloned cd YOUR_APP/packages && ln -s /PATH/TO/meteor-mocha-web mike:mocha
  4. Add the package to the application : meteor add mike:mocha
  5. Run your app

Running tests in Continuous Integration

Use the commmand:

meteor --test --release velocity:METEOR@

The release velocity:METEOR@ contains a fix for running the client integration tests.

Using mike:mocha-package

See the README for this fork

Deubgging serverside tests



easily and safely run mocha tests within the Meteor framework




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