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Machine Learning and Data Analytics Lab FAU

Public projects of the Machine Learning and Data Analytics Lab at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg


  1. We developed a method animating a statistical 3D human model for biomechanical analysis to increase accessibility for non-experts, like patients, athletes, or designers.

    C++ 31 3

  2. Android sensor library

    Java 12 6

  3. A Python package for the analysis of biopsychological data.

    Python 9 2

  4. imucal Public

    A Python library to calibrate 6 DOF IMUs

    Python 8 3

  5. The official colors of FAU as matplotlib/seaborn colormaps

    Python 8 1

  6. Demo for our reconstructive and predictive optimal control simulation of biomechanical models.

    JavaScript 1


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