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- Nearly all commits and fixes came from ghoost82 (thanks for your support!)
- Add a string for transphome
- use MPAASmall to fit the german ratings in the view
- show FSK and BBFC ratings only if they are enabled
- use MPAASmall to fit the german ratings in the view
- fixed a bug with the scrollbar
- fixed VideoCodecFlaggingConditions is a combination of the two includes
- renamed the langflags to three-letter code to use audio stream info
- translate language flags and shorten a line to fit it into the menu
- Removed reverences to non existing includes
- Fixed another case sensitiv issue
- fixed a parentheses error
- if using openelec the system has an openelec sub menu entry
- Added Germany:o.Al. for FSK0 ratings, as this is how it is used at imdb
- Writer field had the wrong size,corected
- Extend RSS feed control when more room is available (thanks rintje)
- added options to hide search, favourites and power button in home (thanks rintje)
- added dutch string (thanks rintje)
- added peripherals dialog (thanks ghoost82)
- added new substring for German FSK (based on new scraper settings)
- added BBFC rating for lowlist
- added hibernate button in shutdown menu (needs System.CanHibernate() )
- added support for frost's intro movie addon
- added trailer flag for 3 movie views
- added HDTV flag as source flag
- fixed english strings (thanks rintje)
- fixed old leftover label in MOD settings
- fixed mp3 flag
- fixed some strings (moved from hardcoded to strings.xml)
- FIXED TRAILER BUG! Now starts in fullscreen without menu in front...FINALLY!
- added toggle option to hide info in view 509 (albums info)
- added links to "system" and "MOD-settings" to the shutdown menu
- added toggle option to make menu bar in home transparent
- added toggle option to choose between clearart and logo
- added support for "Recently Added" on SmartPlaylists (thanks mike (passion xbmc))
- added Documentaries as own category based on mike's "lastandrandomitems"-script
- re-added toggle option for TVTunes (instead of always enabled)
- re-added the "CommonPageCount" and "CommonNowPlaying"
- fixed position of date and time in home
- fixed case sensitive issues (thanks proiettile)
- fixed overlapping xbmc logo with lower menu
- fixed alignment in ViewVideoLandscape.xml
- fixed "Neon-Showcase" (got lost after GIT merge error)
- fixed display issue with fade in/out of CDArt (thanks proietille)
- redid the whole season fanart stuff to work properly and view-independent
- fixed missing <visible> statement that darkened all video views, too much
- added "Showcase" port from NEON
- added 2nd favorite for Home menu
- added viewtype support for advanced launcher emulators
- fixed scrolling bug in Episode view "Landscape"
- fixed problem with 3rd addon under videos
- fixed bug with video info not showing for [Player.Paused + Window.IsVisible(OSD)]
- redid ViewVideoLandscape.xml
- redid ViewsVideoBannerwall.xml
- added new Viewtype Coverflow
- added new viewtype HalfWall
- added ability to set custom startup focus in home
- added db-stats for tv-shows in general
- added ability to have Lowlist as viewtype for Episodes
- added button for movie sets in movie submenu (button "years" was sacrificed)
- fixed bug music fanart not being displayed while Player.HasAudio
- fixed bug that did not show the video addons under movies and tv-shows
- fixed bug with watchlist refresh (should be working again)
- fixed gap in home (top right corner / moved weather and time)
- fixed overlaping pause label while subtitle selectio (thx Quaith)
- fixed bug that prevented logo.png not being displayed by pressing "i"
- cleaned up some of the missing strings
- added Viewtype-options to LowList (HideCases, TiltIcon etc.)
- added support for SeasonFanart on LowList and Landscape
- added support for language flags in DialogVideoInfo
- added new view "Fanart" for Movies
- added support for database-stats on Home
- added option to toggle between icon and fanart in ArtistMediaListView
- added option to toggle Info in ViewsVideoCaseWrap.xml
- added new menu for all MOD-settings
- fixed issue with HD-item on HomeMenu
- fixed issue with Upper/Lower-Case in some <textures> (thanks Quaith)
- fixed invalide include "BannerRound"
- fixed backdrop bug for displaying HD-Movies
- fixed folders for genre specific pictures
- added support for logo and CDArt in movies sction
- added option to set a favourite as home item
- added support for ArtistSlideshow in MusicVisualization
- added dark underground for RSS-Feed on Home (!Player.HasAudio)
- added new backdrops for home and settings pages
- added home item for HD movies by default
- added artist logo in home
- changed cover in RightList (Movies) to have diffuse="mask"
- fixed navigation bug that locked up viewtype "Bannerwall"
- fixed weather-fanart on home (now also visible without weather fanartpack)
- fixed issue with CodecFlagging for iTunes image (thanks maetrik)
- fixed green hd flags in view "info" and "info2"
- fixed strings.xml
- fixed bug that prevented the changing of backdrops for custom-playlist 1&2
- added support for WeatherFanart in Home based on condtion .Day0
- added Swedish strings for the Mod (thx Thizizmyname)
- added Russin strings for the Mod (thx Roman_V_M)
- added watchlist support for tv-shows (needs watchlist-starter service addon from nerds-repo)
- added support for extrafanart movie/episode view
- added trailer-button in ViewsVideoShowcase
- added source flag for iTunes (thx dt2510 for the image)
- added option to hide system in home
- fixed bug with overlaping flag and listitem.label in ViewsVideoShowcase.xml
- fixed bug with overlapping genre and title in RightlistView (TV-shows)
- fixed bug with missing plot for tv shows (view mode 'info 2') when using posters instead of banners (thanks maetrik/Ben)
- fixed bug that prevented displaying logo.png in ViewVideoLandscape.xml (thx M.t.B.)
- fixed missing $[Localize] in Viewtype_Lowlist.xml (thx M.t.B.)
- enabled scrolling of listitem.title in ViewsVideoShowcase.xml and shortened it a bit
- fixed codec flag for video resolution
- fixed pause label in DialogSeekBar.xml
- fixed concert button to go directly into titles
- fixed bug in Home.xml with turned on vis and colordiffuse
- fixed bug that prevented showing the source flag in VideoFullScreen.xml while pressing "i" or "m"
- fixed some issues in VideoFullScreen.xml for LiveTV
- rearranged infos and added logo.png-support for Rightlist (TVShows)
- added "recently added albums" to home screen
- added "latest-concerts" widget in home-screen
- updated English/strings.xml
- added new viewtype "Episodes" for tv-show-episodes
- added new viewtype Artists "Wallstream"
- added kiosk-mode to the skin
- added support for "TVShowNextAired" a.k.a. TV-Guide
- again fixed some bugs
- cleaned up code for being a major-release :-)
- new viewtype "Casewrap" for videos
- new viewtype "Coverflow" for Albums
- bugfixing
- some other stuff
- Fixed a bug in "VideoFullScreen.xml"
- Added support for "Clean Visualization" (Fade-Out Effect of controls)
- Added Support for Genre-Artwork for Movies
- again, Code-Cleanup
- some other stuff
- Added PVR-Support to the Horizontal Confluence-MOD
- Added WeatherWidget on Home-Screen
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