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Compile on Windows
1. Install python
2. Install cygwin
cygwin packets: gettext-devel, intltool
3. Install MinGW. Set PATH=/cygdrive/c/MinGW/bin:$PATH
3. Download win32-dev
4. Download pidgin sources
5. Copy pidgin.pc, purple.pc files to directory win32-dev/gtk_2_0/lib/pkgconfig
6. Set PKG_CONFIG_PATH=my/win32-dev/gtk_2_0/lib/pkgconfig
7. Change prefix in files: pidgin.pc, purple.pc
8. Change prefix in files:
atk.pc cairo-svg.pc freetype2.pc gio-2.0.pc gthread-2.0.pc pango.pc
cairo-ft.pc cairo-win32-font.pc gail.pc glib-2.0.pc gtk+-2.0.pc pangocairo.pc
cairo-pdf.pc cairo-win32.pc gdk-2.0.pc gmodule-2.0.pc gtk+-win32-2.0.pc pangoft2.pc
cairo-png.pc cairo.pc gdk-pixbuf-2.0.pc gmodule-no-export-2.0.pc libpng.pc pangowin32.pc
cairo-ps.pc fontconfig.pc gdk-win32-2.0.pc gobject-2.0.pc libpng12.pc
Script for change prefix:
find . -name '*pc'|while read a; do sed -e 's|asdf|qwer|g' $a > `dirname $a`/pkg/`basename $a`; done
9. /cygdrive/c/Python26/python waf configure
10. /cygdrive/c/Python26/python waf
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