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Installation is very easy if you follow this few steps:

  • 1) create a new mysql-database
  • 2) import the SQL-File "DATABASE.sql"
  • 3) rename inc.var.php.dist into inc.var.php
  • 4) insert your database-credentials into inc.var.php
  • 5) make data-folder writable for PHP
  • 6) set "ownStaGramAdmin" in inc.var.php correctly with the email-address you want to use as ownStaGram-administrator
  • 7) register with the admin-emailaddress
  • 8) install the android-app and point the url to your server

You find the project-files at: You find the android-app at:


If you want to update to a newer version just overwrite all files find in this package. All database-updates will be done automatically.


contact me at: