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See How Often Users Print Your Webpages

Created By: Chris Holbrook

GitHub Repo

Check out the Demo: PrinTrac.php Demo

Goal: This php file tracks how often users print your web pages by using a invisible tracking image that is included in your print stylesheet.

Tested Browsers: Firefox 10-17, Safari 5.1, Chrome 17-23, Opera 11.61-12.12*, Internet Explorer 8

  • Opera Support is Unreliable

Concept and Origin: This idea is from ShopTalkShow Host Chris Coyier and a user submitted questions (Sorry I don't remember the users name) from ShopTalk Show - Episode 006 with Zoe Gillenwater


  • Download PrinTrac.php from GitHub
  • Place printrac.php into your site's image directory or anywhere you want.
  • Create a directory in the same folder named 'logs'
  • In your Print CSS file Include the following code:
	body:after, .printracphp-ie{
		background:url(path/to/printrac.php/printrac.php?track) no-repeat;
		content: url(path/to/printrac.php/printrac.php?track);
		width: 1px;
		height: 1px;
		display: block;
  • Insert the below script tag before the closing body tag of your pages.
<script src="/path/to/phptrac.php?js"></script>
  • That's it!

View Logs

To view the logs that are created by PrinTracs visits the following link:

The default log is just the raw data outputted

If you want a nicer interface go to

Check out the Demo: PrinTrac.php Demo


Get Stats on Users Printing Your Web Pages



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