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Code Site Plugin (for WordPress)

Author: Chris Holbrook (Mad9Scientist) Author URL:

This plugin is design to add functionality to's website that could be included in the site's theme functions file. However this functions are for long term use and should not be tied to the site theme but the site itself.

This plugin provides the following features:

  • Cleans up and Removed useless junk from the WordPress Head Function
  • Injects jQuery into the footer of the page with backup jQuery in case of Google CDN is down, slow or unavailable.
  • Injects site's Javascript file(s)
  • Hides Login Failure Reasons on Login Page
  • Custom Post Types
    • Portfolio (m9s_portfolio)
    • Projects (m9s_projects)
    • URL Redirection (m9s_redirect_svc)


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