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I've just install it through magentoconnect on a "magento_debug" shows up in the core_resource table, "debug" table has been create, "cache storage" has been flushed, but the left bar doesn't show up (as it should acording the wiki screenshots).
I haven't see anything in "system -> configuration" (and there is no etc/system.xml, so I assume it's normal) to enable it.
I also disabled all non-core module, to check for conflict, but still.

Am I missing something?
Let me know if you need more info about my install.


Hi there,

I was able to install it on Magento using this key

I had all my caches disabled. Can you try to refresh Configuration and Layouts caches and check if the extension appears?


Ok, I've found the problem: there's a conflict with If i disable it I can see it.
But, only in the default theme: I'll look into that later and I'll keep you posted.
Nice looking extension by the way, thanks for that.

Oh, and the skin/ files where missing after installing it: I've grabbed them in the github package and added them into my base/default/


Thanks @OSdave for investigating these issues. I'll check this extension to see what is happening (I guess the config xml uses the same tags).

We also we'll check if everything is ok with the skin files.


yes, both extension use 'debug' tag. I'm not sure if it is necesary to spend time on this, the other extension is quite outdated, and myself had forgotten I had it installed.
Regarding the "custom theme" issue, I'm using the boilerplate theme ( and firebug says:
"Node cannot be inserted at the specified point in the hierarchy" code: "3 http://magento.local/skin/frontend/base/default/debug/js/toolbar.js Line 14".
Tomorrow I'll be able to give you an url where to see it, if you're interested.


This issue should be resolved by my open pull request. Thanks!

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